Nextfloor G2

Nextfloor G2 helps you bring electricity and service connections exactly where you need them without costly construction work.

NExtfloor G2

Low-profile access flooring with adaptable and flexible electrical systems allows for hassle-free space conversions and modification into different uses without renovation work.

Easy alterations

Nextfloor G2 hides a multitude of technology, including electrical, data and AV cabling. The integrated sockets in the decking and other service connections can be repositioned within a space in a matter of minutes. The entire concept is based on easy alterations, so the solution has been developed in close collaboration with end-users occupying different multi-purpose spaces, where the need for adjusting spaces on a daily basis is commonplace.

Keeping a low profile

The profile height of Nextfloor low-profile access flooring is only 27–75 mm. This makes it ideal for many different environments such as showrooms, exhibition, retail and office spaces. In new builds, Nextfloor provides carefree flexibility for any future upgrades throughout the lifecycle of the building while saving costly renovation work.

Bespoke flooring solutions

Nextfloor low-profile access floor is delivered to the customer as a turn-key solution, including all stages from design to installation. The design usually begins with taking careful measurements of the space and modelling the flooring system according to the customer’s specifications. Once a satisfactory model has been achieved, the floor modules are industrially manufactured to measure, which saves time and trouble at the installation stage.

Quick and easy to install

The expanded-plastic bottom modules are installed in place to wait for the wiring. The modules interlock without having to use any tools. The bottom modules are highly durable and lightweight so other building work can continue as usual in the space at this stage. Once the electrical installations are completed, the decking modules are laid. Our aim is to minimise any delays and inconvenience caused by the installation work to normal operations in the space.

Easy installation

  • easily retrofitted in just a couple of hours
  • the structure allows for the use of any floor cover material
  • turn-key delivery including design and installation

Superior features

  • service connections wherever and whenever they are needed
  • typical total height only 45 mm (min. 27 mm)
  • made from insulating, fire-resistant and recyclable materials
  • besides stylish appearance adaptable access flooring affords real cost savings


Nextfloor G2 low-profile access floor systems helps you make the most efficient possible use of a space.

In the office
Retail spaces
Showrooms and exhibition spaces
Conventions and conference halls


Nextfloor low-profile access floor is delivered to as a turn-key solution, including all stages from design to installation.


The story of the Nextfloor concept goes back to the 1990s, with new multi-purpose arenas, and it still continues today with new types of buildings and uses introduced to the portfolio every day.

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Multi-purpose arenas

Nextfloor G2 is based on the same materials and methods as the ice-rink covering systems that revolutionised the use of indoor ice arenas in the 1990s.

Back then, our value promise was to convert the ice rink for different uses in two hours – four times faster than with competing systems.

Nextfloor’s long track record in developing spatial solutions culminates in the new generation of its products. Nextfloor G2 is a solution that brings similar conversion flexibility to all spaces.

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